Blog Post

18 Benefits of minimalism and how we can help

West Coast Junk, Sep 14th, 2019 https://www.westcoas ... -can-help/

Blog post listicle enumerating 18 health, financial, and psychology benefits of adopting a minimalist mindset.

Hire a Junk Hauler....What's next?

West Coast Junk, Jul 13th, 2019 https://www.westcoas ... hats-next/

What happens after you hire West Coast Junk?

Curated content

The “Green Season” in Montezuma, Costa Rica: Greener, Wetter

El Sano Banano Website, October 26, 2017 https://elsanobanano ... -low-cost/

A copy of a blog post on a travel website; the actual blog post will likely be changed or moved, so I have pasted it here.


Dispatcher Decision-Making Script


A script that I wrote for voiceover work I did on a test prep website.


Article/Web Content

7 Benefits of Tablets in Schools


One of multiple edtech articles that I wrote for a client in 2018. These were published on various edtech commercial websites.



MECE Muse Book Review

Book review for the MECE Muse...one of three that I wrote. One was ghost-written for someone, one was posted on a review site, and this one is an altered version of the review site document.